Ben Cerullo

February 9, 2015

Ben has a rich spiritual heritage. His grandfather, Morris Cerullo, has a worldwide ministry and continues to preach the Gospel as he has for more than 50 years. Ben’s father, David Cerullo, is chairman and CEO of Inspiration Ministries (which reaches more than a billion potential people daily through its worldwide television networks, video-on-demand, online streaming, and other media outreaches).

Ben grew up in San Diego, California with a passion for action sports. Although he sensed God’s call on his life as a young boy, during his teen years he rebelled and ran from this call.

This rebellion led him into drug and alcohol problems that eventually became so serious that he was hospitalized. But this hospital experience proved to be life-changing and sparked his return to the Lord. Ben renewed his commitment to the Lord, and followed God’s call into full-time ministry.

Initially, his primary burdens were the many young people who, like himself, struggled to find their own identity and often felt ignored by the traditional church. In 2000, he started Steelroots, one of the first ministries to blend action sports and Christian music to reach youth.

As doors began opening, he felt a particular passion to reach people who often had been overlooked, holding meetings in places such as Sierra Leone, Honduras, Peru, Haiti, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Columbia, England, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Taipei, Taiwan and Mexico. In recent year, Ben has become more highly visible within Inspiration Ministries, appearing on numerous programs and events.

Ben continues to travel and preach the Gospel, and when at home, he enjoys spending his time with his wife and children.

Audio Messages from Ben Cerullo
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